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Címlap Congresses


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  • 6th International Conference and Expo on Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, April 18-19, 2018, Las Vegas, USA

  • 9th International Symposium on Auriculotherapy, Singapore, 10–12 August 2017

  • 4th Ear Acupuncture and Naturopathy Conference with International Participation, 1-2. April 2017. Budapest, Hotel Danubius Gellért ****


  • Shenzhou Open University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Amsterdam, 22-23 October 2016

"Modern Meridian Diagnostics and Therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine"

  • 2nd Mediterranean Congress on Auricular Neuromodulation/ MECAN 2016 - Sassari - Italy

  • AMAL/ Genova, 05. 2016: Auriculotherapy Seminar


  • 5th International Conference on Image Medicine and TCM, 3rd and 4th October 2015, Bratislava

  • AMAL: Convegno su Cefalee e nevralgie facciali in Medicina Integrata, Genova, 23-24 Maggio 2015

Dr. István Széchenyi was pleased to comply with the request of the chairman of AMAL (Associazione Scientifica per la Ricerca e lo Sviluppo della Medicina Tradizionale Cinese e delle Bioterapie).

There were several interesting presentations during the two-day congress in the hall of the Department of Neurology, Medical University of Genoa and St. Martin Hospital.

Dr. István Széchenyi presented 4 documented cases about how widely the immediate therapeutic effect (neurological, rheumatological, endocrinological) of ear acupuncture can be experienced and applied.

He presented a case of frozen shouldertetraplegiahyperactive thyroid, and headache/migrain with documented following up in both Eastern ( meridian diagnostics) and Western ( laboratory, ECG, MRI, etc.) medicine.

This congress has brought a lot of novelty to the Italian professionals and a great success to us.


  • NADA Ear Acupuncture Conference, 07.03 2015, Budapest, Hungary


We would like to invite you for the 3rd National Conference of NADA Auricular Acupuncture Addictologists held in the prestigious Hotel Hotel GellértDanubius Gellért on the 7th of March, 2015. The conference is open for all doctors or therapists of the field as well as other natural healers interested in holistic and drug-free methods to prevent illnesses and help maintain human health. As always, we promote dialogues among researchers and therapists to disseminate up-to-the-minute knowledge on addictions especially focusing on diet-related ones. We continue to introduce methods and representatives of closely related fields , e.g. sports medicine.

Personal experience continues to be in the forefront of our attention as it is important and also entertaining to learn from one another.  If you wish, your contribution as a lecturer or editor of a poster is also welcome!

Date for sending in a brief outline of your topic (500-1000 characters): 10. 02. 2015.

We are looking forward to having you here for the conference!

Warmest wishes:

Dr. István Széchenyi


Our Everyday Addictions:

  • drug addictions
  • food addictions
  • case studies


The Conference will be in Hotel Danubius Gellért, Budapest, Hungary

1111 Budapest, Szent Gellért tér 1.
Tel: 06-1-889-5500
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


We are happy to inform you that the 2nd Auricular Addictology (NADA) Conference will be held in Hotel Gellért, Budapest on 1st of March, 2014


Dear Colleagues, dear Friends,Hotel Gellért

After the 1st successful conference last spring we are here again convinced even more that such scientific meetings are much awaited and necessary to provide specialists an adequate forum for learning and open discussions of problems, news and state-of-the-art developments worldwide.

Our main topic in 2014: Our Everyday Addictions focusing on drug addictions, behavioural anomalies as well as the NADA 5-point treatment and its healing effects because
1. several kinds of addictions affect a great part of the Hungarian population;
2. addictions served as starting points for auricular acupuncture some decades ago.

We upkeep our efforts to help put this segment of alternative medicine to its right place it deserves as a very adequate means to treat drug addictions and PTSD as well as to intervene in crisis situations on the spot.

Our lecturers are those of colleagues with the most outstanding professional experiences, who do not only pass on their knowledge during their lecture but also give answers to the questions asked by the audience.
The participation on the conference is considered a professional training, qualified for 18 points by the Office of Health Authorisation and Administrative Procedures (3699/2013.).
All those interested are warmly welcome!

Dr. István Széchenyi

President of the "TAO" National Acupuncture Assotiation, Hungary



Our Everyday Addictions:

  • drug addictions
  • behavioural anomalies
  • case studies
  • national and international studies



The Conference will be in Hotel Danubius Gellért, Budapest, Hungary

1111 Budapest, Szent Gellért tér 1.
Tel: 06-1-889-5500
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


An exhibition of products will be organized during the Conference


prof. Dr. habil. Gabriella Hegyi MD.PhD.
Dr. Balázsné Horváth
Anikó Kocsis
Dr. Csilla Miltényi
Eszter Barbara Molnár, PhD. student
Dr. Le Thuy Oanh
Dr. László Puskás
Dr. Sándor Rideg
Katalin Ritecz
Dr. István Széchenyi
Dr. Ferenc Dániel Valki


The participation on the conference is considered a professional training, qualified for 18 points by the Office of Health Authorisation and Administrative Procedures (3699/2013.).



  • 1st Mediterranean Congress on Auricular Neuromodulation/ MECAN 2014/Athens, 4-6th of September 2014








1.) Proving of the prolacti reducing effect of the auriculotherapy through laboratory validation and MeriDiM® meridian diagnostics - innovative-pilot research: randomised, double-blind, controlled trial

Dr. István Széchenyi 1, Dr. Gabriella Hegyi2

1Széchenyi Health Center, 2CAM Department Pecs University

Measurements of Western and Eastern medicine have simultaneously proven that the level of stress can be reduced immediately, this way the damages of long-term stress can be prevented by detecting the emerging first signs such as anxiety, nervousness and insomnia. This approach is extremely important as far as prevention/ health preservation are concerned, because it can happen that without any symptoms or complaints being present yet, the change or deviation that manifestable in Western just like in Eastern medicine can be demonstrated by a device. Labor tests may be still negative while anxiety, panic, migraine, indigestion or sexual disorders are on their way developing. In the next phase, the system produces psychosomatic diseases (soul-originated ones). The immune system is weakened by the constant stress that can have consequences like stomach and duodenal ulcer, hypertension, heart attack, diabetes, allergy, asthma, hair loss, period disorders, infertility, impotence or a tumor.


2.) Diagnostics, Therapy and Follow-up of Thyroid Function Deviaton with MeriDiM® Meridian Diagnostic Device and Ear Acupuncture

Dr. István Széchenyi, Dr. Dániel Ferenc Valki

Please, click on the first slide:

The presentation will show through a real case documented by laboratory findings that disturbances of thyroid function can be treated with acupuncture. This treatment method can serve as an alternative to medicinal treatment and/or surgical intervention, but it can also be used as a complement to them. Mapping, monitoring and documenting of the processes were done on the one hand through routine clinical examinations and meridian diagnostics, on the other hand on the basis of laboratory findings.





ICMART 2012, Athens

The main focus of this year’s ICMART congress was integrative medicine.
Several presentations gave account of the close links between modern and traditional medicine. In terms of methodology, we heard the positive results of studies whose results were supported with MRI, EEG, Holter and ABPM tests. Several researchers stressed the importance of heart frequency variability in tracking the effects of acupuncture treatment and in acupuncture diagnostics. Great interest surrounded the presentations of delegates practicing so-called non-traditional acupuncture. Biomechanical and segmental acupuncture approach dysfunctions in the direct anatomical function of the meridians, and in treatment focus chiefly on metameric relationships and the myofascial trigger points. Practical Functional Orthopaedic Stimulation Therapy or FOST results supported the theoretical basis of this branch. In terms of microsystems, the diagnostic and therapeutic effectiveness of auricular acupuncture was clearly proven. In any approach, however, the identification of the active zones and points is crucial. The effectiveness of the purely topographical, or theoretical use of points is far behind the effectiveness of targeted treatments. Those investigating the relationship between physiological movements and basic functions drew attention to the importance of observing patients’ gait and joint movements. The empirical muscle tone pattern can serve as a valuable point of reference. In addition to the above, elements of the TCM diagnostic algorithm were also on the agenda. We heard an especially valuable interpretation of the potential of pulse diagnostics.
There is a general consensus amongst the clinical community on the exceedingly broad applicability of acupuncture. In virtually all clinical branches – including cosmetology – it can be applied with success. In order to ensure that acupuncture is applied as broadly as possible, the high quality training of doctors with a functional approach is necessary. A special panel addressed this topic on the final day of the congress. European and eastern medical traditions can provide the basis of a simple, effective and successful medicine. Enjoy the journey, and learn with pleasure!
The next ICMART congress will be held in the easy to reach spot of Vienna!

27.05.2012, Budapest

Dr. Ferenc Dániel Valki, MD