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Címlap Service and Guarantee

Service and Guarantee

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We offer :

  • technical support by e-mail
  • one-year replacement warranty covering parts and labor with possibility of sending a new unit ( no need to wait until repairs)
  • Free updates for software ( for minor changes)
  • 3Money Back Guarantee0 Day, Money Back Guarantee: We give you a full 30 days to evaluate the system, with a no-hassle return privilege. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, feel free to return it in new condition
    - Free and Easy Adaptation: We give the possibiliy for our clients (MeriDiM® owners)  to translate all labels and evaluations to any language (e.g mother tongue) – we only need the translated text and we implement for free in the MeriDiM system.
    CE Mark: MeriDiM® Meridian Digital Instrument is designed to fulfill requirements for CE mark.

MeriDiM has a detailed user guide : for setup and software usage.

Safety features

• The software of MeriDiM is protected by a password; therefore safe from unauthorised access to clients´ data.
• MeriDiM only starts after connection of the device (hardware), protecting data in case of theft.
• Both client and status assessment data can be saved onto external memories allowing the preparation of regular safety copies for the sake of data protection.